Attendees of Explore + Wander Travel Expo can expect EVERY good and positive experience of a traditional event but with no ticket prices, parking costs and hassles, expensive convention foods, pushy exhibitors, flu carrying co-attendees, worries or inconvenience at all!

Explore + Wander Travel Expo is 24 hours a day! So attending at 3:45 am is an option!

“Throw on your favorite tunes, grab some cocoa and your favorite chair and VISIT the expo!”

Explore + Wander Travel Expo is peaceful and easy! There is no rush hour to fight, no lines to wait in & no aggressive sales person! Just you, your computer and your favorite chair!

Plus…You can come dressed HOWEVER you want! No one will judge if you want to have your messy hair and pajamas on!

Register today! We won’t irritate you with a daily email, but we will let you know when something new and exciting happens and send you a reminder a week or so out about the event!